Summer Garden


(c) Garrison keiller

Slow days of summer
In this old town
Sun goes across the sky
Sometimes a car goes by
There’s one right now.

Looks like a Chevy.
Your Chev is blue.
This Chev is white and brown
It isn’t slowing down,
Guess it’s not you.

You said you’d be here
Sunday or so.
Maybe by Saturday,
If you could get away,
You didn’t know.

I love you darling,
Waiting alone.
Waiting for you to show.
Wishing you’d call me though
I don’t have a phone.

Darling, do you feel what I feel
Together is where you and I belong
But sometimes I wonder if you’re real
Or someone I invented in a song……

Waiting for love to come
All comes alive.
Birds sing in angel tongues
Small stones like diamonds
All down the drive.

Visions of love appear
Clouds passing through
All my life, I see
Passing so beautifully
Waiting for you.

Around the corner,
An old dog appears
Stands in the summer sun
Waiting for love to come.
Wish you were here

Hope you’re not fiction
Hope you are true
Here in a town up north
I’m pacing back and forth
Waiting for you


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